April 12, 2021

My Weight Loss Advisor

This may or may not be the right website for you.

Photo of Dr. Dan

Your host Dr. Dan

You won’t find the “easy” way to lose weight here.

No gimmicks.

Just what works.

There are thousands of websites about weight loss. I know of 3 that I could recommend to give complete and unbiased information that you can use to lose weight.

But to my knowledge this is the only site by a doctor — a doctor who used these same methods to lose weight himself:

  • without gimmicks,
  • false solutions
  • and empty promises.

I was born with a big appetite, in a home surrounded by cookies and cake, and grew up overweight. I was twice the size of the other kids in my class. Now in middle age I’m at my ideal weight and I stay that way. How? With the things I show you on this web site.

What will you find here? I don’t recommend anything I don’t really believe in. I keep my eyes open for new ideas, but I can’t be fooled.

I expect any claims to be backed up with proof, and I expect them to work in the real world. So I look at all the latest techniques and let you know the truth about them.

You want to know:

  • Can I lose weight and keep it off?
  • Will this really work for me?

Well, it worked for me. It works for my patients. And it works for tens of thousands of visitors to this web site. If you follow the recommendations here, it can work for you too.

You can:

  • look better
  • feel better
  • improve your health
  • and lengthen your life.

Now, what would that be worth to you?

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