October 25, 2020

I think Becton Dickinson is a buy

EHealth: “If they come back on [the show], maybe we can duke it out with what the shorts are saying versus what” CEO Scott Flanders is saying. “I’m going to invite Scott back on and we’ll find out the story with EHealth.”

Becton Dickinson: “You’ve got it perfect. That’s exactly what it is … They own whole parts — they own like huge parts of the real estate in the hospital. I think it’s a buy, even though it just roared.”

Alexion Pharmaceuticals: “I think they’re terrific. I’ve liked them for a long time. … I do think that what the problem with Alexion is that everyone always thinks it’s going to get a takeover bid … and that’s what causes the stock to have some fluff.”

Acushnet: “Yes, I do” think there’s more upside in this stock “because as long as this pandemic rages, there are very few things you can do outside, and golf is on of them.”

Sorrento Therapeutics: “I was skeptical” of this company, “but it’s now moved up quite a bit. Now, I think they may actually have more room to run. I know there are a lot of doubters, a lot of shorts. So far, so good.”

Vale: “No bigger than” a small percentage of your portfolio “because Vale, frankly, is a company that is so up or down.” 

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